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There are a multitude of scientific articles, and thousands are published every year. There are also dozens of search and access platforms for these articles.

Web of Science is one of the “great” article searchers.

Web of Science

Scopus One of the leading search engines, known for the quality of the articles.

Google Scholar Google’s search power, voted for scholarly articles. Less judicious than those mentioned above, but goes deeper.
Biblioteca Google Scholar 

Microsoft Academic Research powerful search engine with very interesting visualizations
Microsoft Academic Research

Paperity multidisciplinary aggregator for searching Open Access articles

SciELO Platform that brings together the Brazilian scientific production
SciELO Mechanism that aggregates much of US scientific production

EU Science Hub Search for publications from EU countries
EU Science Hub

My Science Work Collaborative Collection of articles
My Science Work

Paperscape Impressive visualization of the arXiv collection, an open repository of articles and papers