Think about the current moment of your project or initiative: what field are you in? Use the creative process and choose tools according to that reflection. Click the icons on the side to explore tools or paper to learn more about the creative process. >>






How about navigating the inexhaustible universe of the Public Domain, a repository with centuries of creations, inventions and art to INSPIRE your initiative? What has already been done? How can great thinkers help create more initiatives? Such as this, there are several tools and resource collections!

The creative process used by Alchemy is based on CARBON’s creative framwork, a startup that connects creative entrepreneurs through a collaborative method. Learn more by clicking here.

The fields are self-explanatory: 1. UNDERSTAND, 2. INSPIRE, 3. CONCEIVE, 4. LEARN.

The process is always a cycle, that is, in the end we have to rescue the learning so that we can start a new cycle in an improved way.